About us

This website is owned and operated by me – John Duffield. This site is dedicated to assisting businesses all over the world. My aim is to provide ideas, tips and resources to help the business owner grow their business profitably.

My experience extends to many years working in management in the areas of productivity and marketing and the start-up side of things comes from personal experience in starting my own business as an independent business consultant.

UMACS Business World was born out of the passion I have for helping businesses grow. This passion comes from the drive and enthusiasm I have developed over the past 10-years of owning and operating my own small business. I started out as a sole trader/proprietor and for a number of reasons became a company (Uverdale Pty Ltd) after one year of operating my business.

John Duffield

John Duffield

Starting out as a consultant to small business owners I quickly realized I could offer so much more to business in the way of teaching and coaching. This coaching developed from how to start your own business through to how to set-up a business on-line, and marketing for small business and many more topics also that were important to business owners. Having started and successfully grown my own business from humble beginnings back in 2003, I can now gladly pass on to you the knowledge I have gained over this time about small business.

Our aim is to assist you with the benefit of our experience and to provide you with the knowledge and tools to grow your business profitably.

Since 2003 I have taught businesses on how to successfully start, maintain and grow, both on-line and offline. UMACS Business World was born out of this passion, and the satisfaction of teaching others how to start, grow and maintain their own business from scratch. Check out our online courses on the sidebar or here.

Our mission here at UMACS Business World is to help you realize the full potential of your business, and to explore all the possibilities for profitable growth. With over 10-years in training and development helping over 3,000 people startup and grow their own business, using smart cost effective methods,  I provide a range of creative and innovative digital and informational solutions that would complement most business operations.

So if you want to learn how to start and grow your business you can pick this up broadly from our website content, and the many FREE resources  we have on offer through our blog tips. These and more specific items and information can be obtained by signing up for our informative mailing list.

I hope you find my site of interest, and please spread the word about UMACS Business World! Thanks for stopping by, and if you need more information please contact us.