How to develop an email marketing plan

Email marketing is a vital component of any business strategy and a powerful driver of revenue for any business. It has a greater reach and returns on investment than any other channel available to marketers today.

Have you ever considered email blasting for promoting and offering your products and services? Have you worked on the content for ages but ended up receiving minimal or zero returns? 

You might have asked yourself many times if what went wrong? These useful tips might increase the odds of your success.

1. Use a personal approach. 

Admit it, no one ever likes the feeling of being constantly targeted for marketing. Make it as if you are just simply talking to a friend over a cup of coffee exchanging your thoughts and ideas on some things.

Try not to be too pushy by immediately jumping in and selling everything in one sitting, but rather focus in on what your target audience need. Get to know what your market is all about and learn what the preferences of your audience are. Focus on these areas and offer what products and service you can provide. Let them bite on the bait first to see if they like it, and take one step at a time. Based on their needs, check and take every opportunity that you can to develop a deeper understanding of these needs and know when the best time is to describe what you can offer them. 

2. Build trust, relationship and gain agreement. 

Keep in mind that a personalized customer experience should result in a seamless lead conversion. On top of that, it should turn your audiences to ambassadors for your business. Word of mouth (WOM) marketing, verbal positive advertising, and customer referrals is still the best and cheapest means of promoting your business!

3. Keep it short and interesting.

What captures your target audience attention significantly is short interesting email content and appealing subject lines.  
Most people like to deal with email as fast as possible and get it out of the way. Some have such a volume of email that they would never get through it all otherwise. No one wants to be stuck dealing with emails all day. 

The quickest way to deal with email dynamically is to open it, identify the issue, either respond or delete the message, and to move on. Most people decide to open an email based on whether the subject line is interesting or not, unless its from someone they know or work with.  

4. Make it beneficial.

No one would like to read an email without getting something out of it. Great email marketing ultimately comes down to providing value to your audience. Each email you send should have something in it for them, learn to giveaway much more than you intend to sell, that will create a loyal following and have people hanging out for your next email!

5. Timing

It is essential to consider the timing when you are sending your emails. This is to ensure that your recipients will be able to read it and you will get to your recipients and hopefully get a positive response. Time your email to pop up in their inbox during their working day use a good email marketing software platform to do this and to help plan your overall email marketing strategy, there are some some good ones out there such as Get Response, Contact Contact and Mail Chimp. Using these platforms allow you to test and measure what timing works best for which email and allows to A/B split test to decide what works and what doesn't.

The success of a business relies on how well it is marketed, advertised and the approach to prospects and customers. It is important that you consider each and every detail that may help your business grow and prosper!