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Are you out of work for any reason? Why not check out our ‘How to Start a Consulting Course”. Why not put to good use all your hard-earned knowledge, skills, and expertise or KSE as we call it!

Maybe you are thinking about how to start a business and just want to dip your toe in the water? We can help you do that also, because the first step in the business start-up process is working on your idea.

Check out our free eBook the business idea development process. This book steps you through business idea development, then on to the next steps in the business start-up process. This is a free and instantly downloadable resource book for you to use.

If you have considered your business ideas and now want to take the next step, why not check out our business plan survival guide eBook, a step by step guide on how to start a business and develop a comprehensive business plan and a creative marketing plan.

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Need some tips to improve your sales conversions? Check out our posts on the S.A.S.C.O. selling approach and how to understand your prospects communication style. These and more posts on developing and improving your sales techniques can be found here.

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