The business plan survival guide

The Business Plan Survival Guide provides a comprehensive, yet easy to understand process of how to start a business by developing a business plan for any start-up or existing business. Scroll down to find out more...

What you get with the Business Plan Survival Guide...

There are explanations, tips and experience shared with you throughout this guide. This guide comes complete with over $80 of **BONUS RESOURCES** including a business plan template, sales, marketing and financial templates and business tools for you to download and include in your business plan development. It also includes a partnership agreement should your business need one of these too!

This 66-page guide provides the process and ideas, along with a **BONUS** 13-downloadable sales, marketing, operations, and financial templates, and business tools, for you to download that will help you with your business planning, along with an additional financial ratios eBook to help you monitor your business finances, now how's that for value!

Here is the list of resources that you get with the Business Plan Survival Guide:

All of these templates and tools come with full instructions on how to apply them to your business.

We include a business plan shell so you have a business plan template to start with and a marketing plan example. You can begin to populate these from the information provided in the Business Plan Survival Guide. All the areas of the example plans are linked to the pages in the Business Plan Survival Guide, so you are guided through the process of developing your business plan step-by-step.

  • Marketing templates

  1. Advertising and promotional template - year 1 and 2 (with sample data) 
  2. SWOT analysis template (with sample data) download sneak peek
  • Financial templates

  1. Sales plan - year 1 and 2 (with sample data)
  2. Profit and loss report - year 1 and 2 (with sample data)
  3. Cash flow forecast - year 1 and 2 (with sample data) download sneek peek
  4. Balance sheet - year 1 and 2 (with sample data)
  • Business plan software - to help with your business (tools for specific areas)

  1. Break-even/force net profit calculator tool  (calculates your break even sales point and also you can set your desired net profit) download sneek peek
  2. Inventory checker tool (based on stock held per week).
  3. Business growth plan matrix (create growth scenarios for your business) also available as an iPad App.
  4. Overhead recovery analysis tool (great tool to calculate productivity and billable time).
  5. Sales run rates (check your required run rates(sales/profit) by week or month).
  6. Employee skills matrix (a great tool to see where the skills are in your business).
  7. RFM principle (recency, frequency and monetary value) a great tool to measure the true value of your customers.

    Most of these business tools come with instructional videos.

  • General templates

     A partnership agreement (should you be operating as a partnership) an essential document when assessing your exit strategy.

See some examples below of some of the downloadable resources we give you.

Snapshot of the SWOT analysis - example data is provided

Snapshot of the SWOT analysis - example data is provided

Snapshot of the cash flow report - example data is provided

Snapshot of the cash flow report - example data is provided