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Create the financial future of your business today with the Business Growth Manager iPad App now available on iTunes for only $2.99.

Set your business growth strategy for the price of a cup of coffee!

Develop financial scenarios to grow your business by combining a number of key areas and options for incremental change that could help improve your business.

The Business Growth Manager allows you to increase or decrease data for key areas of your finances, and then see the effect of these changes incrementally in a profit and loss format to help formulate your business growth plan.

With the Business Growth Manager you start by entering your data for your current business situation and from this information the Business Growth Manager automatically projects your finances for a 12-month period. You can then see by how much more/less these changes represent!

You are able to tweak/adjust each area (increase or decrease) and create many scenarios for the growth of your business, and its here the Business Growth Manager really works its magic!

Some examples of these scenarios might include…

  • What would happen if my sales conversion rate increased by 5%?
  • What would happen if my average value of transactions increased by 5%?
  • What would happen if my cost of sales reduced by 5%?
  • What would happen if my overheads reduced by 10%?
  • What would happen if cost of sales increased by 5%?
  • What would happen if my average transaction value reduced by 10%?

These are just a few examples of what you could do with the Business Growth Manager. There are many more combinations you could use to create scenarios for your business and see the results of your changes immediately. 

You will see the immediate impact of any changes made to specific areas of your business for exponential business growth.

View the changes and the effects on your business at a glance. Simply enter the data for current situation first, and then start to make incremental increases and decreases to see the immediate results for each area independently, and in a clear profit and loss format.

The Business Growth Manager will quickly become one of the essential tools for you to manage and grow your business!

The Business Growth Manager can provide answers to some of the questions that you may have already on how to grow your business and achieve your financial objectives sooner!

The options for scenarios are endless… so enjoy creating your business growth success!

The Business Growth Manager is available now on iTunes for only $2.99.

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