Automotive repair workshop productivity course

With a labor intensive business such as an Automotive Repair Workshop, managing your labor is paramount. If you manage your labor correctly then you ultimately manage and improve your profitability!

You do this by understanding how to manage the recoveries for the employees that generate revenue. From here there are a number of other calculations that you need to know to measure percentage billable time that is being booked by your employees.

Understanding and determining these factors are covered in detail in this course.

In this course you will learn

The steps to controlling your labor.

  • The overhead recovery formula.

  • How to calculate available hours.

  • How to establish the total cost of your business.

  • How to decide on who are the revenue generators in your business.

  • How to adjust the recoveries for each employee who generates revenue.

  • How to allocate the recoveries for each nominated employee.

  • How to calculate your overhead recovery rate/break even rate.

  • How the see the effects of productivity increases, and decreases on your profit.

  • How to record the correct time spent on jobs.

  • How unproductive and inefficient employees affect your profitability.

  • How to use the Overhead Recovery Analysis Tool to measure and manage those  responsible for generating revenue in your business.

  • How labour recoveries affect your overall business profitability. 

Bonus material

The overhead recovery analysis (Excel) tool including:

    - Labor scorecard to monitor individual employees and total business productivity.
    - Alerts to signal areas of productivity improvement for individuals and the total business.
    - Graphs and charts to easily view productivity performance by month and year to date.

  • Resource documentation on key areas covered in the course.

  • Audio files on each course section so you can learn on the go!

  • Marketing tips for your business.

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This is an online learning program